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Runaway Tales Rules

Getting Started (the basics)
Guidelines for Posting (headers, cuts, etc)
Ratings and Warnings
Reading and Commenting
The Malt Shoppe
Help RaTs Grow
How to RaT and FAQ

Getting Started :

1. (Optional, but encouraged) Introduce yourself by making a post to the community. Tell us a little about yourself and your story. You can include links to outside pages with more information if you desire. If you have any questions after reading the rules and FAQ, you may ask them here as well.

2. Check out the flavors. You can limit yourself to just one (or 3 or 5 or 10...) or hop from list to list. There is no time limit for completing a flavor. It is up to you to track your progress and report to us when you've finished a flavor. Each piece can use up to 3 prompts, provided each comes from a separate list.

3. Get writing. Pieces may be any length. Artwork is acceptable as well. Each piece must take inspiration from an item on one of the prompt lists. Prompts do not need to be addressed in any order. Prompts are vague on purpose - interpret them any way you fancy. You may use a prompt as many times as you like, but you will only complete the flavor once you have used each of its prompts at least once.

Pieces can take place prior to, during, or after your main work. Chuck your own canon and write an AU of your own characters. Pieces do not need to stand alone, nor do they need to be posted in any sort of chronological or otherwise sensible order. Invite us into your world and have some fun, we'll figure things out along the way.

You can devise additional challenges for yourself through the use of toppings, extras and bonus challenges. Check out My Treat, Flavor Binges and Sundaes, or make you own custom flavor.

4. Get reading! There's lots of good stuff here to enjoy, in all sorts of genres and styles. Start sampling some pieces--you're bound to find something you like (and some friends along the way!)

See below and the FAQ for more information on flavors and toppings.

Posting :

Always place your work behind a cut. Even if it is 100 words or less!

You MUST state which flavor(s) and prompt(s) the piece satisfies, and you must place a rating on your piece (see below). Otherwise, anything else you wish to include in the header or notes is at your discretion.

Tag your piece with '[author] your name' and '[challenge] your flavor', and [topping] or [extra] with all appropriate toppings and extras. Tags for the community are locked, so when introducing yourself, please state the name you wish to use and we will be happy to add it for you.

A piece may use up to 3 flavor prompts (including flavor of the day). Each prompt must come from a different list. The same piece may qualify for any number of toppings or extras in addition to these.

Post all materials intended for Runaway Tales credit in the community. Do not post pieces elsewhere and simply place a link in your community post. You may, in your header, post links to additional materials located elsewhere. You may also cross-post your pieces to as many other places as you like. Whether you lock a piece to the community or leave it public is entirely at your discretion.

You may include more than one piece in the same post. Make a separate header and cut for each piece or put it all behind one cut, it's up to you - as long as the prompt information and ratings for all pieces are visible on the main page as stated above.

Ratings & Warnings :

For the sake of giving your readers a heads-up on what's in your piece, please include a rating of some kind in your header.

You may use MPAA (G/PG/PG13/R/NC-17), ESRB (Everyone/Teen/Mature) or any other system that is either relatively self explanitory or easily found on the web.

If your piece includes explicit sex acts or extremely graphic violence, please use lj's adult content filter for that piece. The default setting in the community is "no adult content".

Although we do not censor pieces or comments, please refrain from use of profanity or sexually explicit icons on the main page.

Should your post contain material that may be triggering, especially upsetting, or especially offensive (such as sexual assault, domestic or child abuse, or suicide), please include a warning in your header to alert readers before they read your post. You may put your warning in text that requires highlighting to view or declare that you choose not to warn, inviting readers to open at their own risk, should you find giving a warning likely to spoil your piece.

Reading & Commenting :

The real fun of the community is in the sharing. We can promise that you will get more out of the community if you give to it as well. We are really a friendly bunch here, and there's nothing any of us appreciate more than a new member who's eager to dive right in and join us. Please keep the following guidelines in mind:

Give every active member at least a try. Whether you check out their latest post or go digging through the archives or their content list, sample something by each active author. (Preferably sample two or three somethings--even if you don't like the first, just to see if you change your mind.) If you enjoy it, keep reading. Not your cup of tea? No hard feelings, she will still appreciate that you gave it a shot. Don't dismiss something right off because it doesn't fit neatly into your comfort zone - it can be both fun and educational to try new genres and styles.

If you read, comment. Make the time you spent reading count. Who doesn't like getting comments? Let the person you just invested the effort in have that little moment of joy at knowing you did so. You don't have to say anything profound or lavish them with praise - just say something. Feel free to leave comments on really old stuff, too - no one will mind finding remarks on posts months (or even years) old. They might get quite a kick out of knowing you're visiting their backlogs.

Most authors in the community have an index for their pieces (you will often see a link in their header). This provides a place to see their works in some sort of order. If you like an author, click on her index to see more of her work. Feel free to provide an index of your own to help others find your work. You can also use the [author] tags to view an author's recent entries.

This is not a place for critiquing. It is a place for sharing. If you desire concrit, say so, otherwise you will not get it. Most of us are reading here purely for fun.

Trolling and abusive language will absolutely not be tolerated.

The Malt Shoppe
the_malt_shoppe is a place for additional challenges and games. The mods host seasonal and holiday related events as well as random ones.

If you would like to post a game you've seen played before or you have an idea for a new game or challenge, pm one of the mods.

On your birthday, you can make a post to the malt shoppe and recieve prompt gifts from other members.

Having trouble deciding on a flavor? Post a Flavor Roulette and let your friends help you decide.

All prompts received through malt shoppe games and challenges are bonus prompts that can be used along with your flavor prompts. When doing so, you claim credit for the extra "malt" for the piece. Malt prompts may each be used 1 time and, unless otherwise stated in the game, do not expire.

Help RaTs Grow :

Have some prompts to share? You can send themed lists or just bundles of odds and ends to shayna611.

Want to advertise RaTs to other writers? Feel free to post banners or links to the community in other venues and invite other writers you might know to join us! Please do not link to or publicly discuss the works of fellow members without their consent.

If you have any questions/confusion, consult THE FAQ before asking.



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